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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe books are from Catalyst bookshop and Manna bookshop.  You could buy Christian books related to your studies and your walk with God.  Join a book chat afterwards if you like.


For the past 5 weeks, we have been studying the “I am” statements made by Jesus in the Gospel of John. We have looked at I am the bread of life (John 6), the Good Shepherd (John 10), the resurrection and the life (John 11), “the way, the truth and the life” (John 14) and the Vine (John 15).

In the light of what Jesus says about himself what is the difference between responding by becoming a disciple and becoming a huge fan? Let’s look at the fans of Korean idols/ boy bands as an example. I have been watching the rather endearing virtual marriage between Wooyoung (from 2PM) and Seyoung (actress in the drama Glorious Day) on a Korean Variety show called We Got Married. The discussions that ensue on the fan forums after each episode are pretty impressive, creative and freaky. So what is the difference between being a fan and being a disciple?

1) The person we worship: Idols are ordinary people often talented and driven to succeed. They would have competed with other equally talented individuals and trained hard to reach this level of fame. However, they are ultimately human, gifted possibly, but still human and flawed. Jesus is both fully human and fully divine. He lived amongst us in history so that we can meet and know God. He is God incarnate, who like the Good Shepherd dies for us and in the resurrection power conquers sin and death.

2) The means by which we get to know him better: In the early episodes of this virtual marriage, Wooyoung has a new look and hairdo each time he meets Seyoung. When she inquires why, he says that he wants to show her different aspects of who he is. Often when we think of Jesus, we think that is what he does too. He reveals himself as bread, light, way etc while we, the audience, try to connect with each new crafted revelation of himself. Jesus actually lived with his disciples for 3 years: he ate, lived, conversed and travelled with them. They saw him in many different settings. He talked to crowds who wanted food from him about being the bread that would fulfil spiritual hunger. He talked to the Pharisees about being the Good Shepherd who, unlike the hired hand, protects his sheep. He wept with his friends at Lazarus’ funeral and when Lazarus rose from the dead, he showed how he is the resurrection and the life. He talked to his disciples intimately about being “the way, the truth and the life” but they asked questions that showed they did not understand him. He taught his disciples that he is the Vine and they should remain in him; just before they deserted him at the cross. Jesus lived, loved, spoke and challenged the people he met. Yet, not even his closest disciple, understood him fully.

3) The purpose of having a following: Idols are essentially entertainers. They connect with their fans in order to encourage them to consume products they endorse or albums that they sell. They promote these products and successfully market themselves across different countries. On the other hand, Jesus encourages you to “consume” him. It is the difference between I am the gift and I give you a gift. “I am the bread of life”. Not I will give you some bread if you pay me or ask me nicely. He encourages us to remain in relationship with him and together we will produce fruit. He had a tiny following, compared to 2pm, his life touched mainly twelve men who travelled with him during his public life (and one let him down). His purpose seems to be to pick them, draw them close, then empower them to continue.

4) The desire for popularity: Idols sacrifice, seek and strive to reach the heights of popularity and win awards, contests and do tours to gain more fans. They embrace the limelight and this popularity allows them to explore other avenues in the entertainment industry. Jesus escapes from the crowds when he knows they want to crown him king. His aim is not to gain popularity for himself but to glorify the Father.

5) Group work: The strength of 2pm as a group is their team work. They each take turns to be in the limelight and they only know the verses of the song which they perform as individuals. Together, they dance in synchronicity and fluidity. God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit work in harmony in a different way. Each person of the trinity points to, lifts up and praises the other. Together, they sing the same song in perfect harmonic unison in a dynamic way–they are three persons in one substance.

6) The effect on the Fans: 2pm fans are promised an pleasant escape from reality, a chance to “Go Crazy”. They are given a good performance and a good time. In contrast, disciples are promised the strength and support to engage in reality and with the power of the Holy Spirit, God transforms lies into truth, harshness of death and decay into life i.e. more God-spaces. They are not promised a good time as much as an abundant life that is a blessing to others.

So, I think Jesus with his “I am…” statements is asking you to become disciples and not huge fans.

* missing “I am the light of the world” (John 8) and “I am the I am” (John 8:31-58)

* If you would like to know more about this Jesus, the HCF library has a copy of “The Jesus I Never Knew” by Phillip Yancey or you can download it here.

Pray for God’s work in the world this week
27th Thursday –After tea, Rachel Naulivou, 3rd year Education, shares about her trip to Thailand over Summer. Listen to Andrea Perry, Waikato Uni, share her fascinating story with God. Hadassah Jones from Capernwray Bible School shares her thoughts on missions. Join us at 6 – 8pm 30E Hogan Street. Come ask questions. Bring your friends.

Saturday, March 29
Waikato Missions Expo. Listen to heaps of missions talks absolutely free!
at 9:30am – 4:00pm Central Baptist
End off the week with a bang with Afterglow Balloons over Waikato untitled

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untitledThis Seminar is held on Wednesday 3rd July 2013 from 11-12.30pm at Blue Skies in Kaiapoi, near Christchurch . A panel will be discussing Creation Care at TSCF’s National Conference 2013. Nick Lim from Hamilton Christian Fellowship chairs this panel, consisting of:

Dr Andrew Shepherd is the Education Co-ordinator for A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand.  A Rocha is an international Christian nature organisation which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education and community based conservation projects in nineteen countries around the world.  Andrew has a PhD in theological ethics (exploring the theme of hospitality) and teaches for a number of tertiary training insitutions in the areas of theology, missiology and ethics.  He lives with his family in the Makarora valley, on the doorstep of Mt Aspiring National Park.  Andrew was on the TSCF staff team from 1995 to 1999.  See:

Jen Allaway is originally from California, where she worked as a soil scientist before moving to Vancouver to study theology at Regent College.  A lover of creation since young, studying theology gave her a fuller understanding of creation–and discussions on the topic helped her get to know her now-husband James, with whom she moved to New Zealand where she’s a regional staffworker for TSCF in Dunedin.

Steve Muir is a medical physicist with the medical physics and bioengineering department at Christchurch Hospital. He makes bike trailers to encourage people to make as many journeys as possible without using cars, and coordinates ICECycles (Inner City East Cycles) who run free bike maintenance workshops in the poorer parts of Christchurch. He has also written a book called PROSACC Profound Revelations Of Sunday Afternoon Cycling Church and coordinates the A Rocha Christian ecology group in Christchurch. Steve is an ex TSCF staffworker in Christchurch.

Li Lian Lim is originally from Singapore, often called the Garden City on Tourism brochures. She sits on the panel representing the voice of an international student who grew up in an Urban environment. Li Lian is currently a TSCF staffworker in Waikato.

Catalyst is the graduate wing of TSCF.


imagesOnce a year all the TSCF groups from the whole of New Zealand meet for a conference. This year we go down South to Christchurch. This year Paul Windsor the Associate Director of Langham Preaching will speak. Pray for Christchurch; pray about the conference. Join us, maybe? Love to have you. Book your tickets soon.

Start – 11:30am on Monday 1 July

Finish – 1:30pm on Friday 5 July

Venue:  Blue Skies, Kaiapoi  (This venue is 20-30 mins drive from Christchurch airport)

Register here